About the Lab

Project's objectives

The main objectives of the project are to:

  1. modernize teaching materials for master-level students at TIIAME by developing new curricula in agricultural innovations and resources economics

  2. improve quality and capacity of faculty staff and researchers via offering training courses on creative innovative teaching approaches

The final output of the project is an equipped and staffed research lab for investigating multidisciplinatry issues of resource management and adoption of innovations in agriculture.

Project's approach

The Lab has been established in the framework of the project "Establishment of Agricultural Innovations and Resources Lab" launched in March 2019 through the funding awarded by the Academic Innovation Fund under the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan and the World Bank.

The lab combines economic research with technical and engineering components in field, and allows the consolidation of activities of TIIAME in studying issues of agricultural innovation adoption and resource use.

The experimental lab encompasses an interdisciplinary approach of involving researchers and PhD students in practical and research processes.

Core activities

The main activities of the lab include:

  • continuous provision of training courses to TIIAME lecturers and researchers

  • development of modern teaching materials

  • training of lecturers in innovative approaches of interaction with students in lectures and seminars

  • piloting of field with real farmers and classroom experiments with students

  • organization of series of discussion seminars

Project's partners

The project envisages partnerships with interested national and international research centres, institutes and universities conducting research on sustainable agricultural development in Central Asia.

Currently the project cooperates with researchers from: